Geophysics GPR International Inc. is a leader in terms of ability to solve various problems of our customers thanks to the impressive variety of geophysical equipment we own. Furthermore, GPR has developed its own helicopter-borne TDEM system (GPRTEM) in answer to the growing demand for such service from our clients.

 VLF and electromagnetic TDEM Techniques:

  • The GPRTEM is a high-resolution transient electromagnetic heli-borne system in the time domain (TDEM) developed by Geophysics GPR International Inc. This powerful system uses a transmitter also called transient electromagnetic time domain resulting in an alternating current through an electric coil system isolated;
  • The VLF electromagnetic surveys use powerful VLF transmitters located throughout the world for navigation and submarine communications. For statements in Northeast America, the broadcasting station in Cutler, Maine, (NAA, 24.0 kHz) is normally used.


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