Magnetometry consists of measuring terrestrial magnetic field to detect local variations due to magnetism and ferro-magnetism of local geological structures.

GPR offers a full range of surveys done by Airborne Magnetometry:

The magnetometers used by GPR have been specially designed for aerial surveys. The specification are presented in the table below. The in flight synchronization of the measurements with ground control stations is done using the "Pulse Per Second" (pps) simultaneously generated by all the GPS units. The diurnal effect on the Earth's magnetic field can thus be corrected with perfect synchronization.



0.004 nT/sqrt(Hz)  RMS

Absolute Accuracy

< 3 nT throughout range

Noise Envelope nT

< 0.1 nT (on 4th difference)


20,000 to 100,000nT

Sampling interval

0.1 s

Heading effect

+ 0.15 nT


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